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Juan De La Rosa_

Graduated February 2019

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. — Confucius"

Phone: (210)461-7103

Description of my final project

Project Name: Pet-Tential

Pet-Tential is a full stack web development application built using Spring Framework. It allows users to register as either a Shelter admin or an Adopter. As a Shelter admin, they will have the ability to create and manage pet related ads and programs for Adopters to be well informed about a certain program with dates and times available. Adopters have the ability to select preferences on pets they are looking to adopt, also if/when a pet is uploaded that matches their preferences they will receive a message from the shelter, this function is implemented by utilizing the Twilio API. Adopters are also able to register for training programs for their pets.

Why should someone hire you?

My ability to solve problems and strive to complete work to full satisfaction.

Complete the following sentence: “With programming, I am most passionate about _____________”

resolving any issues that may occur, to better serve the end user.

Work Location Desired

San Antonio, TX

Please give us three words that describe your best professional qualities.

Persistence, leadership, and urgency.

What three words describe the role where you’ll do best?

Front-end development, continuous learning, team environment