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Raymond Kim_

Graduated March 2016

Practice makes perfect!

Phone: (909)455-5069

Description of my final project

Project Name: PartySync

PartySync is web application dedicated to helping users find or host events in their location. Users can easily access our application by signing in with their social media accounts which will give them access to search and host events. The tools that we used to create this application were HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, Google Maps API, and Firebase.

Hire me because:

I have found a passion in Front End Web Development and I am excited to bring my knowledge to the table. I am detail oriented, I adapt to change quickly, and I am a team player. Team work makes the dream work!

Complete the following sentence: “With Programming, I am most passionate about _____________”

creating meaningful and beautiful web applications.

Work Location Desired

Los Angeles, CA and San Francisco, CA

Please give us three words that describe your best professional qualities.

Discipline, Communication, and Positivity.

What three words describe the role where you’ll do best?

Front-end development, team environment, and learning new web development technologies.