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Joshua Sprouse_

Graduated January 2023

Through code, I love seeing projects come together with creativity, problem solving, and dedication.

Phone: (210) 719-3405

Description of my final project

Project Name: VibeCheck

Web application that allows you to save songs in a playlist, rate other users' playlist, and join the top of the Leaderboards on who has the best taste in music. My responsibilities in this group project was Implementing the Spotify API to search tracks by name or artist, and then creating JSON objects that get input into the database.

Hire me because:

I am dedicated to my craft and am continuously striving to learn more and improve my coding skills. I am great at adapting to new environments and following directions, with a keen attention to detail. I thrive in group environments and prove to be a great asset for my team.

Complete the following sentence: “With Programming, I am most passionate about _____________”

Being creative and further developing my technical prowess.

Work Location Desired

San Antonio, Texas

Please give us three words that describe your best professional qualities.

Industrious, meticulous, and passionate

What three words describe the role where you’ll do best?

Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Team Environment.