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Anthony Villegas_

Graduated December 2021

Learning is never cumulative, it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end.

Phone: 210-573-4850

Description of my final project

Project Name: BookAlert

BookAlert is an MVC application built using Spring framework. It allows users to keep a record of their favorite authors saved to MySQL database and update upcoming titles based off of their list of authors using Java and jQuery. Dynamically rendered HTML templates to bind database information to the view. Implementation of Java REST template to simplify RESTful API object to streamline data.

Hire me because:

I’m passionate about Web Development and I’m driven to deliver high-quality work. I thrive in fast-paced environments and I am well prepared to start contributing from day one.

Complete the following sentence: “With Programming, I am most passionate about _____________”

delivering efficient work and seeing tasks through from start to finish.

Work Location Desired

San Antonio, TX; Austin, TX

Please give us three words that describe your best professional qualities.

Proactive, diligent, and reliable.

What three words describe the role where you’ll do best?

Team environment, back-end development, front-end development.