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Jacob Paxton_

Graduated December 2021

"The world is but a canvas to our imagination." -Henry David Thoreau

Phone: (816) 302-5173

Description of my final project

Project Name: Predicting Stroke

Every 40 seconds, someone in the United States has a stroke. And, one in every 6 cardiovascular disease deaths comes from stroke. Our team wants to reduce these numbers. We’re analyzing health data to identify the factors that are closely linked to risk of stroke. We’re also building models that predict whether a person is at risk of stroke.

Hire me because:

I'm passionate about doing good work, and I love being challenged.

Complete the following sentence: “In Data Science, I am most passionate about _____________”

making the world a better place.

Work Location Desired

Kansas City, MO | Willing to work remotely

Please give us three words that describe your best professional qualities.

Competitive, concise, and honest

What three words describe the role where you’ll do best?

Team lead, solo projects, and troubleshooting