Program: Front-End Web Development

  • Daniela Picon Salas

    Daniela Picon Salas

    I am a software developer with a strong dedication to continuous learning and personal growth. I am constantly seeking ways to improve my skills, this motivates me to work hard on the projects I work on. Taking pride in my work is important to me, as it serves as constant motivation to strive for excellence…

  • Paul Garcia

    Paul Garcia

  • Kate Reigelman

    Kate Reigelman

  • Keith Massa

    Keith Massa

    I am eager to learn, a logical problem solver, and I am capable of working alone or as part of a team. More than anything, I have many years as a proven customer service representative.

  • Allan Tito

    Allan Tito

  • Kevin Standifer

    Kevin Standifer

    I am excited about getting into the world of software development. It seems there is something new to learn everyday and as many ways to solve an issue as there are developers.

  • Holly Bryant

    Holly Bryant

    Personality testing reveals I am an achiever who is detail-oriented and intellectual. I excel in environments where I can learn, overcome challenges and encourage others.

  • Brian Hoffman

    Brian Hoffman

    Creativity requires effort and discipline, and execution is ultimately what employers, customers, and clients want from someone they hire. In successes and failures alike, this belief is my anchor.

  • Chris Harman

    Chris Harman

    I am extremely creative, love learning, dedicated, loyal to a fault and know, that while I still have a lot left to learn, I am able to bring an immediate impact to an organization.

  • Francisco Diaz

    Francisco Diaz

    I am a goal oriented veteran who loves to learn and enjoys working with teams.

  • Boris P

    Boris P

    My people skills have helped me develop great relationships with team members, customers, and senior leadership alike. I am driven and passionate about my work; always looking to improve processes and products.

  • David Betancourt

    David Betancourt

    Since committing to my new career field, I have immersed myself in learning and applying a variety of languages and technologies. I have a passion for this industry and am excited to learn and get experience in every way possible.