Primary Focus: Back-End

  • Xavier Francis

    Xavier Francis

    I am a life-long learner who thrives in complex and continuously changing environments.

  • Andrew Chu

    Andrew Chu

    I am a dynamic, motivated and a detailed-oriented U.S. Army Veteran that has the work-ethic to be a successful developer.  

  • Savanna McCauley

    Savanna McCauley

    I am a dedicated and driven coder. My commitment to creating efficient solutions and optimizing processes sets me apart. I consistently strive to enhance my coding skills with a growth mindset, ensuring that I stay up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies. Lastly, my enthusiasm for coding is infectious, and I have…

  • Jaylen Harris

    Jaylen Harris

    I’m passionate about learning and building applications. I fit well in a team environment and I am always willing to go above and beyond to help others.

  • Johann Williams

    Johann Williams

    I have a deep desire for problem solving, learning, and designing/implementing solutions. I have no fear of diving headfirst into a problem or situation I have never experienced before and use the skills I have acquired and developed to complete the task at hand.

  • James O’Sullivan

    James O’Sullivan

  • Joe Beltran

    Joe Beltran

    Dedicated to producing high-quality code and finding innovative solutions to complex problems. I’m excited to bring my talents and experience to a dynamic and innovative company. I am committed to continuous learning and development and am always seeking new challenges to push myself further.

  • Randy Hidalgo

    Randy Hidalgo

    My full stack development training has equipped me with a strong grasp of both front-end and back-end technologies. I am driven by a passion to learn, adapt and innovate, qualities I believe can bring fresh dynamics to your team. I welcome the opportunity to further discuss how I can contribute to your projects.

  • Dawson Schroeder

    Dawson Schroeder

    I have a passion for creating innovative solutions and delivering high-quality code. I have experience in all languages and frameworks necessary to become a full-stack web developer. I am a strong collaborator who enjoys team building events. Finally I am committed to continuously improving my skills while keeping up to date with the latest technologies.

  • Ezra Marama

    Ezra Marama

    I bring a unique combination of military experience and healthcare expertise, coupled with a newfound passion for coding as a full-stack developer. I possess a versatile skill set that can contribute to the growth and improvement of software applications. I am highly committed to continuous learning, adaptable to new technologies, and eager to tackle new…

  • Travis Gomez

    Travis Gomez

    Hire me for my proven track record, diverse skill set, and dedication to delivering exceptional results. I excel in fast-paced environments, offer innovative problem-solving skills, and thrive in collaborative team environments. I am a proactive, detail-oriented professional ready to contribute to your organization’s success. Let’s discuss how I can make a valuable impact on your…

  • Thomas Mescall

    Thomas Mescall

    I am an effective communicator with an eye for simple solutions in a complex environment. From combat engineering to software engineering I have had a very diverse experience with my professional life. I look forward to whatever my next challenge will be.