Location: Seattle, WA

  • Ty’Reik Williams

    Ty’Reik Williams

    I’m confident that I can prove myself to be a valuable asset to the company. Also, I strive in fast paced work environments, prioritizing tasks by importance and urgency.

  • Ella Xu

    Ella Xu

    As an ambitious, detail-oriented, highly motivated analyst who is trying to fulfill her dream as a data analyst, I am passionate about creating impact through data analytics as well as self-learning in order to become a better analyst.

  • Jesse Marder

    Jesse Marder

    I’m excited to work collaboratively and apply my skills in data science and business acumen developed in my military and civilian career to solving complex business problems.

  • Cody Hodges

    Cody Hodges

    I have a great interest in sharpening my skills in software development and I’m dedicated to making a career out of working in the field.

  • James Wienecke

    James Wienecke

    I highly value continuous improvement and teamwork. I am a very fast learner and an amazing team player, happy and able to support, guide, resolve conflict, and encourage growth wherever possible.

  • Allison Falls

    Allison Falls

    If something doesn’t work in my code I problem solve to find out what the main issue is. I’m hyper focused on how the issue can be resolved by just taking a step back and looking how the entire line of code fits within the project.

  • Connor Wulf

    Connor Wulf

    I bring passion and a desire to learn to software development. I can easily adapt to almost any environment.

  • Cameron Taylor

    Cameron Taylor

    I should be hired because once I am given a task I work tirelessly to complete it, and if it is a task I currently cannot complete I dedicate myself to learning how to complete it. I am skilled, intelligent, and dedicated; plus I actually enjoy working on code and learning new things, rather than…

  • Kellsey Neagley

    Kellsey Neagley

    I’ve been interested in coding since Elementary school partaking in the Robotics program until graduating from high school. I want to apply that same passion and drive into whatever the future holds.

  • Norrick McGee

    Norrick McGee

    I have a varied background in both mathematics and Python programming which allows me use my unique skillset to approach problem solving.

  • Zackry Neagley

    Zackry Neagley

    I’ve been interested in technology ever since I was a child. I’ve grown up gaming which helps push my desire to learn more of this dynamic field daily through podcasts from experts in various fields and using what I’ve learned to create, replicate and expand upon a variety of applications.

  • Alex Garrido

    I’m a natural problem solver and consistently seeking new ways to improve my skills.