Location: Salt Lake City, UT

  • Scott Mattes

    Scott Mattes

  • Xavier Medina

    Xavier Medina

    my exceptional adaptability and relentless drive to excel as a web developer powers me to exceed expectations. I treasure opportunities to take on daunting challenges, leverage collaborative resources, and continuously self-improve. With my prior service in the US Military, I was provided a challenging environment to develop my ability to navigate obstacles with meticulous investigation…

  • Nicholas Owens

    Nicholas Owens

    I am a highly motivated and dedicated secret clearance holding Army Veteran and Full Stack Software Developer with extensive experience managing and maintaining complex communications equipment, team leadership, problem-solving, and technical support. Equipped with professional expertise that I am now bringing to the realm of software development, in addition to my technical skills, I bring…

  • Dawson Schroeder

    Dawson Schroeder

    I have a passion for creating innovative solutions and delivering high-quality code. I have experience in all languages and frameworks necessary to become a full-stack web developer. I am a strong collaborator who enjoys team building events. Finally I am committed to continuously improving my skills while keeping up to date with the latest technologies.

  • Christina Antonuccio

    Christina Antonuccio

    I am a passionate individual who has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, takes pride in my work, and is motivated to accomplish tasks quickly yet thoroughly. A true workhorse of a human dedicated to honing my skills and producing quality above all else.

  • Lucas Slade

    Lucas Slade

    I want to show up everyday, putting my best foot forward. I desire growth in a competitive field, along with eagerness to conquer the challenges that may present themselves along the way.

  • Adam Talbot

    Adam Talbot

    My educational background in biological engineering, chemistry, and entrepreneurship in conjunction with my professional experience in real estate guides my approach to skillfully applying data science and machine learning techniques in a variety of domains and applications.

  • Brooke Holyoak

    Brooke Holyoak

    I’m a seasoned professional who is committed to learning, growth and success. I am a thinker and a problem solver who is motivated by finding actionable insight. I have the determination to make thoughtful and deliberate decisions that will be an asset to any team, project or organization I am a part of.

  • Samuel Bowcut

    Samuel Bowcut

    I can figure it out. Seriously. Whatever the problem or task is, I can figure it out.