Location: Raleigh, NC

  • Xavier Francis

    Xavier Francis

    I am a life-long learner who thrives in complex and continuously changing environments.

  • Andy Jensen

    I have a natural tendency for curiosity and earnestly enjoy finding data driven answers. In a team environment, I find pleasure sharing my knowledge with team members as well as learning from the acquired knowledge of others. “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” -Steve Martin

  • John-Michael Krsak

    John-Michael Krsak

    Relentless… but in a good way. This would be the key word I would use to describe myself. There is no quit, only quality.

  • Qinzhi Chen

    Qinzhi Chen

    I am exploring the world via data

  • Katherine Gil

    Katherine Gil

    I am enthusiastic and eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail and excellent organizational skills. Always motivated to learn, grow and excel in the tech industry.

  • Midlyn Joseph

    Midlyn Joseph

    going through this bootcamp demonstrates the ability to adapt and learn new technologies while also improving my research skills to learn more about things I’m unfamiliar with.

  • Jules Morris

    Jules Morris

    I have a keen interest in geo-spatial data, learning new libraries, and creating aesthetically pleasing visualizations.

  • Ty’Reik Williams

    Ty’Reik Williams

    I’m confident that I can prove myself to be a valuable asset to the company. Also, I strive in fast paced work environments, prioritizing tasks by importance and urgency.

  • Gerald Montero

    Gerald Montero

    I work well in team environments, I pride myself on my communication skills as well my ability to see challenges from multiple perspectives.

  • Michael Meyer

    Michael Meyer

    I make it a priority to write code that can easily be understood by other developers, while still searching for novel solutions. I enjoy working with a team and doing what I can to support the others who I work with.

  • Bibek Mainali

    Bibek Mainali

    I am dedicated and passionte. I love to learn.