Location: Portland, OR

  • Alex Perez

    Alex Perez

    Hire me because, as a veteran, I have developed exceptional teamwork and communication skills, which have been critical in achieving success both in the military and civilian settings. I am eager to apply these skills to your team and contribute to your organization’s growth and success.

  • Dawson Schroeder

    Dawson Schroeder

    I have a passion for creating innovative solutions and delivering high-quality code. I have experience in all languages and frameworks necessary to become a full-stack web developer. I am a strong collaborator who enjoys team building events. Finally I am committed to continuously improving my skills while keeping up to date with the latest technologies.

  • Nicholas Dougherty

    Nicholas Dougherty

    Your company’s success will be my top priority. I have adapted to every situation I’ve faced so far, and there is nothing too difficult for me to take on.

  • Jesse Marder

    Jesse Marder

    I’m excited to work collaboratively and apply my skills in data science and business acumen developed in my military and civilian career to solving complex business problems.

  • James Wienecke

    James Wienecke

    I highly value continuous improvement and teamwork. I am a very fast learner and an amazing team player, happy and able to support, guide, resolve conflict, and encourage growth wherever possible.

  • Kyle Maulsby

    Kyle Maulsby

    Dependable and hardworking programer, who thrives by taking on challenges. Enjoys learning new tools and techniques to solve problems more efficiently. Teamplayer who can help peers and works well in a small group.

  • Norrick McGee

    Norrick McGee

    I have a varied background in both mathematics and Python programming which allows me use my unique skillset to approach problem solving.

  • Cory Imel