Location: Miami, FL

  • Alejandro Velasquez

    Alejandro Velasquez

    Learn, adapt and overcome is the motto. Adding value to the team and the client is alway number one priority.

  • Scott Schmidl

    Scott Schmidl

    I bring a special amount of passion to data science. I love using data science to help people, so much so, that it feels more like I’m playing than working.

  • Malachi Hale

    Malachi Hale

    I enjoy the challenge of bringing structure to and finding meaning in messy, complicated data sets. I am an enthusiastic team member and have knack for explaining complex topics in concise, interesting ways.

  • Walter Smith

    Walter Smith

    I’m a life long learner who desires to not only to strive for self improvement but aim to help others. I truly enjoy a challenge and all the twist and turns that any job/role that is presented to me.

  • Holly Bryant

    Holly Bryant

    Personality testing reveals I am an achiever who is detail-oriented and intellectual. I excel in environments where I can learn, overcome challenges and encourage others.