Location: Las Vegas, NV

  • Miguel Gutierrez

    Miguel Gutierrez

    I’m a veteran with a true passion for software development. Having served in the military, I bring a unique set of skills to the tech industry, including leadership, discipline, and problem-solving. I’ve always had a natural curiosity and love for technology, and I’ve found software development to be the perfect outlet for my creativity and…

  • Dawson Schroeder

    Dawson Schroeder

    I have a passion for creating innovative solutions and delivering high-quality code. I have experience in all languages and frameworks necessary to become a full-stack web developer. I am a strong collaborator who enjoys team building events. Finally I am committed to continuously improving my skills while keeping up to date with the latest technologies.

  • DeAdrien Hill –

    DeAdrien Hill –

    Hello, I’m DeAdrien Hill, a recent Codeup graduate. I have a strong foundation in statistics, machine learning, and programming with Python and SQL. I’ve applied these skills in real-world projects, such as What-s-Trending/NLP project, DC Wine Co./Regression project, and Birdies Eye View/Time Series project. I used data to drive impactful decisions. I’m not only adept…

  • Rodrigo Marquez

    Rodrigo Marquez

    I am the ideal candidate for a web development role due to my experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and other web technologies as well as my ability to quickly learn and adapt to new roles and technologies. My strong communication skills, paired with my attention to detail, make me an invaluable asset in any…

  • Daniel Name

    Daniel Name

    I am an excellent problem solver and team player who has, on many occasions, assisted my peers in fixing their code and helping them learn what to look for when troubleshooting.

  • Michael Kestler

    Michael Kestler

    I am a former Naval Officer with SaaS startup experience. I am eager to leverage my technical skills and analytical problem-solving abilities to develop innovative business solutions.

  • Curtis Johansen

    Curtis Johansen

    I enjoy learning new things to improve myself and sharing what I learned with those around me. I enjoy finding solutions to complex challenges.