Location: Boulder, CO

  • Dominic Pedrotti

    Dominic Pedrotti

  • Norrick McGee

    Norrick McGee

    I have a varied background in both mathematics and Python programming which allows me use my unique skillset to approach problem solving.

  • Michael Moran

  • Patrick Fisher

    Patrick Fisher

    The amount of passion for developing and problem solving shines in the quality of my work. My previous roles in the military have taught me just how important it is to have effective communication, teamwork, and time-management so that not just myself succeeds but the team as a whole. I am a hard worker, quick…

  • Max Denny

    I am an avid technologist who can communicate on multiple levels and connect the dots between technical solutions and operational value. I am consistently curious, committed to learning, and focused on outcomes for users and stakeholders.

  • Matthew Garza

    Matthew Garza

    I’m a resourceful a creative with a passion for learning new things, If I don’t know how to do it I’ll find out.

  • Crystal Poenisch