Location: Boise, ID

  • Xavier Medina

    Xavier Medina

    my exceptional adaptability and relentless drive to excel as a web developer powers me to exceed expectations. I treasure opportunities to take on daunting challenges, leverage collaborative resources, and continuously self-improve. With my prior service in the US Military, I was provided a challenging environment to develop my ability to navigate obstacles with meticulous investigation…

  • Daniel Name

    Daniel Name

    I am an excellent problem solver and team player who has, on many occasions, assisted my peers in fixing their code and helping them learn what to look for when troubleshooting.

  • Nathan Haustveit

    Nathan Haustveit

    As a U.S. Coast Guard veteran, I have 6 years of working in a professional team environment and am used to taking on new tasks that require doing self research before going to a coworker or supervisor.