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  • Westley Peters

    Westley Peters

  • Elliot Anderton

    Elliot Anderton

  • Asia Autrey

    Asia Autrey

    <!– wp:paragraph –> I possess a diverse range of technical skills, but what truly sets me apart is my strong commitment to being a team player. I actively look out for the well-being of those around me and strive to foster a collaborative work environment. With a dedicated work ethic, I consistently deliver my best…

  • Xavier Francis

    Xavier Francis

    I am a life-long learner who thrives in complex and continuously changing environments.

  • Chris Truax

    Chris Truax

    Honorably discharged army veteran. Father of two. Passionate about learning and fine tuning my skills. Great attention to detail. Lead by example and first to take the initiative. Innovative problem solver that is experienced in high risk and demanding environments.

  • Daniel Farias

    Daniel Farias

    My expertise in web development and project management. With my technical skills and strong organizational abilities, I can create outstanding websites while effectively managing the project from start to finish. Let’s discuss how I can contribute to your organization’s success. View my resume and reach out for an interview. Additionally, I am detail-oriented and have…

  • James Olson

    James Olson

    I am personable, dedicated, and professional with a desire to deliver satisfying solutions. My full-stack web development experience makes me robust, applicable, and adaptable to the technology industry.

  • Miguel Gutierrez

    Miguel Gutierrez

    I’m a veteran with a true passion for software development. Having served in the military, I bring a unique set of skills to the tech industry, including leadership, discipline, and problem-solving. I’ve always had a natural curiosity and love for technology, and I’ve found software development to be the perfect outlet for my creativity and…

  • Savanna McCauley

    Savanna McCauley

    I am a dedicated and driven coder. My commitment to creating efficient solutions and optimizing processes sets me apart. I consistently strive to enhance my coding skills with a growth mindset, ensuring that I stay up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies. Lastly, my enthusiasm for coding is infectious, and I have…

  • Divante Parness

    Divante Parness

  • Brandon McPhatter

    Brandon McPhatter

  • Benjamin Meadors

    Benjamin Meadors