Degree: Master’s Degree

  • Raymond Glass

    Raymond Glass

    With a robust background in meteorology, I bring a unique blend of analytical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a drive for continuous learning to the table. My years of experience in forecasting and analyzing complex weather patterns have honed my attention to detail and ability to handle high-pressure situations with ease. As a former educator, I…

  • Derek Bixby

    Derek Bixby

    Geospatial DataScientist | Veteran | Active TS/SCI Clearance

  • Andrew Chu

    Andrew Chu

    I am a dynamic, motivated and a detailed-oriented U.S. Army Veteran that has the work-ethic to be a successful developer.  

  • Wilson Velasco

    Wilson Velasco

    TS/SCI Cleared w/CI Poly Data Scientist / Natural Language Processing Specialist

  • Oliver Taylor

    Oliver Taylor

    I am deeply passionate about and skilled at technologies like machine learning and neural networking. My enthusiasm drives me to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field, enabling me to leverage the power of these technologies to derive meaningful insights from data. This, combined with my expertise in data analytics and strong written…

  • Manuel Salazar

    Manuel Salazar

    Hey there! If you’re looking for someone who can do more than just clock in and out, then I’m the perfect match for your team. Hiring me means inviting a dynamic individual who thrives on making a difference, constantly seeking opportunities to learn and grow, and inspiring others to do the same. I don’t settle…

  • Corey Hermesch

    Corey Hermesch

    I’m a results-driven data scientist and United States Air Force Veteran with a strong background in military leadership and operations. I’m adept at analyzing complex data sets, identifying trends, utilizing statistical analysis tools, and providing actionable insights. I’m also skilled in leading teams, setting strategic priorities, and effectively communicating findings to senior leaders. Finally, I’m…

  • Scott Barnett

    Scott Barnett

  • Brian O’Neil

    Brian O’Neil

    I bring a decade of experience in human resources data analytics and am ready to apply new skills learned to other industries in the data science world.

  • Tamica Simon

    Tamica Simon

  • Dionne Taylor

    Dionne Taylor

    Visionary leader and analyst with over 25 years of multi-disciplined/domain professional experience that is well-equipped with the skill sets, character, and courage to build and mentor teams to help them reach their full potential while maximizing organizational productivity and innovation. Inquisitive and life-long learner, adept at guiding and shaping strategic, data-driven, informed decisions while teaming…

  • Richard Alcabes

    Richard Alcabes

    The right questions must first be asked before the right answers can be found. Having learned “how to learn”, I am able to understand the dynamics of exercising attention to detail and appreciating the broader context. Striking the right balance between these two often-competing perspectives is a prerequisite to properly defining the problem space. As…