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  • Matthew Wood

    Matthew Wood

  • Metehan Sipahioglu

    Metehan Sipahioglu

  • David Elizalde

    David Elizalde

    I am a motivated person who adds energy and enthusiasm into every organization and endeavor. When taking on any work, I make sure that every box is checked and completed because I am a detail-oriented person that produces concise and consistent results.

  • Emily Lupton

    Emily Lupton

  • Arusa Hussain

    Arusa Hussain

    I am an enthusiastic and creative developer with a versatile background encompassing e-commerce, sales, customer service, and managerial responsibilities. Proficient in multiple programming languages, adept at full-stack web development, and equipped with excellent communication and teamwork skills. This diverse skill set converges to provide a distinctive viewpoint that fuels innovation in developing customized solutions for…

  • Ava Smith

    Ava Smith

    I have a strong background in creating full-stack projects, employing best coding practices throughout the development process. My expertise lies not only in implementing robust backend functionalities using object-oriented programming but also in crafting intuitive and visually appealing user interfaces. I have a keen eye for design and always ensure a polished look and feel…

  • Timothy Singletary

    Timothy Singletary

    I am motivated and genuinely passionate about coding and I am adaptable to problem solve and take on tasks by myself or with a team.

  • Damian Solis

    Damian Solis

  • Samantha Ramos

    Samantha Ramos

    Hire me for my passion for crafting innovative solutions and delivering quality code. I thrive as a collaborative team player, relishing team-building events that foster a cohesive work environment. Moreover, my unwavering commitment to ongoing skill enhancement and staying current with the latest technologies ensures I’m always ready to bring fresh perspectives and valuable contributions…

  • Kurt Suttin

    Kurt Suttin

    Full stack web developer Collaborative team player with a talent for effective communication and commitment to a strong work ethic

  • Emanuel Villa

    Emanuel Villa

    I believe my unique blend of skills and experiences positions me as an exceptional candidate. My background in both data analytics and project management has equipped me with a diverse skill set that enables me to contribute effectively to your organization’s success.

  • Audrey Tan

    Audrey Tan