Clearance Level: Active Secret

  • John Shaffer

    John Shaffer

    Highly disciplined and dedicated Navy veteran with 5 years of experience as a skilled steel worker. Proven ability to adapt and excel in high-pressure environments while maintaining strong attention to detail and precision. Eager to apply my technical expertise and seize the opportunity to continuously learn and adapt to the latest technologies in a new…

  • Jose De La Luz

    Jose De La Luz

    <!– wp:paragraph –> Secret Clearance | Cloud Administrator | Full-Stack Web Developer <!– /wp:paragraph –>

  • Donald Twitty

    Donald Twitty

    I have full-stack skills merged with a passion for programming to build innovative, secure, and accessible solutions. I have an active Secret security clearance and experience with a variety of programming languages and technologies. I’ve also worked on projects of all sizes and am familiar with agile development approaches. In addition, I have a wide…

  • Braden Ognoskie

    Braden Ognoskie

    With proficiency in HTML, CSS, SCSS/SASS, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, and React, I bring a powerful skill set to your team. I craft clean, responsive, and highly maintainable code, staying updated on the latest industry trends. My specialization in Tailwind CSS ensures consistent and efficient styling, while my expertise in React allows me to create interactive…

  • Presley Black

    Presley Black

  • Brenden Ferguson

    Brenden Ferguson

  • Nickolas Pedri Miranda

    Nickolas Pedri Miranda

    Hire me because I am a skilled, innovative data scientist with six years of military experience in data analysis as a weather forecaster. I have ample experience working with real-world data to create forecast models, and find patterns. Through experience, I have honed my skills in communication, teamwork and leadership. After 600+ hours of intense…

  • James O’Sullivan

    James O’Sullivan

  • Kofie Knowles

    Kofie Knowles

    Hire me because I bring a unique blend of military expertise and full-stack software development skills, making me a valuable asset to your organization. With hands-on experience in Tactical Communications Operations across Air Force Material Command and a strong IT background, I’m well-equipped to provide innovative solutions and contribute to your organization’s growth.

  • Michaella Moreno

    Michaella Moreno

    <!– wp:paragraph –> I chose a career in software development driven by my passion for the creativity it embodies and the fusion of creativity and functionality fuels the desire to crafting software that not only meets user needs but also delights and inspires. I believe that in the dynamic field of software development, staying receptive…

  • Xavier Medina

    Xavier Medina

    My exceptional adaptability and relentless drive to excel as a web developer powers me to exceed expectations. I treasure opportunities to take on daunting challenges, leverage collaborative resources, and continuously self-improve. With my prior service in the US Military, I was provided a challenging environment to develop my ability to navigate obstacles with meticulous investigation…

  • Victoire Migshane

    Victoire Migshane