Yong Choi

Software Developer

Yong Choi


Software Developer


(619) 341-9392

Available Work Locations: Carrollton, TX • Dallas, TX • Frisco, TX • Plano, TX

Military Veteran

Bachelor's Degree

Core Technologies: JavaSE, JavaEE, SpringBoot, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git/Github

Core Competencies: Object-oriented programming, Paired programming, Version control with Git

Primary Focus: Full-Stack

Additional Skills: Java • JavaScript • SAP

Hire Me Because

I have strong work experience, I can solve problems in new ways, and I always work hard to do better than expected.

My Capstone Project: Auto-Connect

AutoConnect is a web-based platform built for my capstone project. It’s made to help car owners find certified mechanics for their car repair and maintenance needs. Users can make an account on AutoConnect easily. Mechanics also create an account but need to provide their qualifications, certifications, and physical address. These details are checked to make sure users can find skilled and reliable mechanics. The mechanic’s address helps users to find mechanics close to them. The platform has a simple but effective interface that allows users and mechanics to communicate. They can make posts, comment on them, and use a messaging system to discuss service details, prices, and appointments. When a user and a mechanic agree on a service and its price, the mechanic sets up an appointment. The user can see the details of this appointment by clicking on it in the platform’s calendar. This takes the user to a payment page where they can pay for the service securely. After the service is done, both the user and the mechanic can write reviews. This helps users make choices and mechanics improve their services based on feedback. In summary, my capstone project, AutoConnect, is a straightforward and safe platform that helps car owners and mechanics connect. It ensures a smooth process from booking an appointment to the completion of the service. This project is all about improving customer experience in the car service industry.

“With technology, I am most passionate about using the magic of code to brighten someone's day – whether it's by crafting a friendly app that turns a complex task into a piece of cake! It's all about making life just a bit easier, one line of code at a time!