Tamica Simon

Tamica Simon



(850) 221-4645



Available Work Locations: Remote

Military Veteran


Master's Degree

Additional Skills: Customer Service • WordPress

Hire Me Because

My Capstone Project: HoneyDo Helper

HoneyDo Helper is a web application designed to connect users with skilled individuals, known as Honeydoers, who can help with various tasks. Whether it’s household chores, repairs, or other errands, HoneyDo Helper simplifies the process of finding reliable assistance. Users can create profiles, browse available Honeydoers in their area, request services, communicate in real-time, and provide feedback upon completion. Honeydoers can create profiles, list the services they provide, and schedule appointments with clients once they’ve accepted a job.

“With technology, I am most passionate about crafting elegant and user-centric interfaces that seamlessly blend creativity with functionality. Designing visually captivating experiences that not only meet user needs but also reflect the beauty of well-structured code is what truly fuels my enthusiasm.