Sahara Tijol

Software Developer

Sahara Tijol


Software Developer


(210) 508-7155



Available Work Locations: Austin, TX • Remote • San Antonio, TX

Core Technologies: JavaSE, JavaEE, SpringBoot, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git/Github

Core Competencies: Object-oriented programming, Paired programming, Version control with Git

Hire Me Because

I am reliable, extremely hardworking, and disciplined – these are the qualities I carry with me from the time I was in the Navy to now. I hunger and have the passion to learn about the latest trends in software development and I’m eager to dive in, apply and share what I’ve learned to any organization.

My Capstone Project: ChowNow

ChowNow is a mobile first approach, full-stack Java application, built on the Spring Boot framework. This web app seeks to create a community of users who can easily create, share, find and save recipes based on the ingredients in their virtual pantries. This application follows the MVC design pattern and utilizes Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, HTML, CSS, AWS S3 bucket, Spoonacular API integration and Bootstrap.

“With technology, I am most passionate about learning new languages and applying my logic skills to the new languages. I enjoy expanding my horizons.