Richard Macken

Data Scientist

Richard Macken


Data Scientist


(321) 276-0613



Available Work Locations: Austin, TX • Houston, TX • Miami, FL • Nashville, TN • Remote • Tampa, FL

Military Veteran

Inactive Top Secret

Core Technologies: Python, MySQL, Spark, Tableau, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciKitLearn, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebooks, Git/GitHub

Core Competencies: Data Storytelling, Applied Statistics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Classification, Regression, Clustering, Time Series Analysis, Anomaly Detection

Hire Me Because

I am driven by a deep desire to, understand and optimize, structures and processes. Applying that same philosophy to myself, through continual learning and team building, I aspire to continually optimize myself and those around me in order to reach the highest levels of performance and satisfaction.

My Capstone Project: Myers-Briggs Twitter Assessment

Employed XGradientBoost modeling to determine if we could use an individual’s vocabulary to classify them into a specific Myers-Briggs personality domain. Used snscrape, a variety of nlp libraries(e.g. nltk, emoji-to text, textblob …) and Scikit-learn k-means clustering to acquire and explore potential themes in word use and sentiment across the types and domains. As a measure of our success, our XtremeGradientBoosting model had a 63.3% improvement on the baseline when classifying domains.

“With technology, I am most passionate about using data and statistics to optimize decision-making and solve problems at scale, adding value by minimizing lost revenues and ultimately maximizing our reputation and confidence amongst a customer base.