Orenthal Hill

Software Developer

Orenthal Hill


Software Developer


(210) 717-1755



Available Work Locations: San Antonio, TX

Core Technologies: JavaSE, JavaEE, SpringBoot, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git/Github

Core Competencies: Object-oriented programming, Paired programming, Version control with Git

Hire Me Because

With my past work experience I have the ability to work alone or in a team setting and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to problem solving. I’m passionate about doing my absolute best to resolve any company issues.

My Capstone Project: Run-CMC

Run//CMC is a full stack web application that curates a music collage utilizing album artwork (inspired by topsters), ignites music discovery, and provides an online community platform to discuss favorite albums and topsters. Run//CMC was built by five web developers using the following technologies: HTML, CSS, MDBootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Spring Boot, ThymeLeaf, Java, MySQL, and the Spotify Web API.

“With technology, I am most passionate about having the building blocks I need to solve any problem necessary.