Kenneth Vincent

Software Developer

Kenneth Vincent


Software Developer


(210) 202-8832



Available Work Locations: Remote • San Antonio, TX

Military Veteran

Master's Degree

Core Technologies: JavaSE, JavaEE, SpringBoot, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git/Github

Core Competencies: Object-oriented programming, Paired programming, Version control with Git

Primary Focus: Full-Stack

Additional Skills: React.js

Hire Me Because

I will bring positive high energy into the work place, a desire of collaborative team work, with a unique goal-oriented perspective that aligns with the company’s vision, a drive to resolve complex problems, and a flexible adaptable mindset for success. I remain optimistic to learn new programming skills, techniques, and remain self-motivated to become better than yesterday.

My Capstone Project: Concert Punk

Full-Stack paired programming project that allows users of the website to find local concerts based on their VPN location. The website gives you the ability to create a member profile, create concert events that you would like to host, follow other members and comment on their posted events. Using API integrations along with the option to listen to a song preview. The team used Java, Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, SpringSecurity, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery, CSS, TicketMasterAPI, SpotifyAPI, mapBoxAPI, YouTubeAPI.

“With technology, I am most passionate about the challenge to push myself and continue to move forward with technology and its unlimited potential.