Justin Evans

Data Scientist

Justin Evans


Data Scientist


(785) 317-5707

Available Work Locations: San Antonio, TX

Military Veteran

Active Top Secret

Bachelor's Degree

Core Technologies: Python, MySQL, Spark, Tableau, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciKitLearn, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebooks, Git/GitHub

Core Competencies: Data Storytelling, Applied Statistics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Classification, Regression, Clustering, Time Series Analysis, Anomaly Detection

Hire Me Because

I am a Senior Logistics Supply Chain Manager with Data Science training. Retired Army Senior Warrant Officer with experience in Leadership, Management, Project Management, Communication, Collaboration, Development of Processes and Procedures. I am not looking for a 9-5, I want to find a position where I can make an impact on the efficiency and success of my team and my organization.

My Capstone Project: Michelin NLP Capstone

Codeup Capstone Team Project using Natural Language Processing on a target of Michelin food star ratings to determine key indicators of past performance in order to assist aspiring recipients with success. We used standard Python libraries along with NLTK, RegEx, BeautifulSoup, and Folium to wrangle and explore the data. We used TFIDF in our modeling and chose Logistics Regression as our top performer with an accuracy of 88% on test which was 38% better than our Baseline. The real value of our project, were the insights we gained through exploration. The one unique attribute that three star awardees appear to have over all others, is a superior dining experience.

“With technology, I am most passionate about data Acquisition and Data Exploration. "Data is all about garbage-in, garbage-out. If you feed garbage data in, you’ll get garbage output. If you feed the machine with the right data, then the magic can happen." Domain knowledge is the key to both proper input and translating output from information to knowledge.