Johnny Wells

Software Developer

Johnny Wells


Software Developer


(719) 359-3896

Available Work Locations: Remote • San Antonio, TX

Military Veteran

Inactive Secret

Bachelor's Degree

Core Technologies: JavaSE, JavaEE, SpringBoot, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Git/Github

Core Competencies: Object-oriented programming, Paired programming, Version control with Git

Primary Focus: Full-Stack

Additional Skills: Customer Service • UX/UI

Hire Me Because

I am a passionate full-stack web developer with over 2 years of hands-on experience in designing, building, and maintaining top-tier websites and web applications. My expertise spans across a spectrum of front-end and back-end technologies, including but not limited to HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, React.js, MySQL, Java, and Spring Boot. Beyond my technical prowess, I’m adept at project management methodologies, consistently ensuring projects are delivered on schedule and within budget constraints.

Driven by motivation and a strong work ethic, I continuously seek to elevate my skills and stay updated with the latest trends. I am confident in my ability to become a pivotal asset to your team and am keen to discuss the potential synergies in further detail.

My Capstone Project: Entry-Level Coder

Project Link

Project Description

Entry-Level Coder is a job board that specializes in helping recent graduates and career switchers find entry-level software development and web development jobs that require 0-2 years of experience. Their mission is to bridge the gap between entry-level job seekers with limited experience and employers who are seeking talented and dedicated entry-level software developers.

The platform provides a targeted job search for entry-level candidates by exclusively featuring entry-level positions. Entry-Level Coder aims to streamline the job search process and facilitate meaningful connections between jobseekers and employers. They believe that the job market can be competitive and overwhelming for entry-level candidates, and they strive to make the job search experience more accessible, focused, and efficient for both jobseekers and employers. The ultimate goal of Entry-Level Coder is to help talented individuals launch their careers by connecting them with employers who are looking for passionate and dedicated entry-level developers.

Project Details

  • The front-end of Entry-Level Coder is built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to provide a responsive and interactive user interface.
  • MySQL is utilized for database management, design, and usage to store and organize job listings and user data.
  • Java with Spring Boot is used for back-end development, providing a robust and scalable framework for managing server-side logic and data processing.
  • The Adzuna API is integrated into Entry-Level Coder to find, search, and filter job data, ensuring up-to-date and relevant job listings for users.
  • Digital Ocean hosts Entry-Level Coder, providing a reliable and secure environment for the website.

“With technology, I am most passionate about using it to create beautiful, useful, and helpful websites and web applications that enhance people's lives. I believe that technology can be a powerful force for good, and I want to use my skills to create tools that make people's lives easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling.