Jay Almendarez

Data Scientist

Jay Almendarez


Data Scientist


(830) 480-4644



Available Work Locations: Remote • San Antonio, TX

Core Technologies: Python, MySQL, Spark, Tableau, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciKitLearn, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebooks, Git/GitHub

Core Competencies: Data Storytelling, Applied Statistics, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Classification, Regression, Clustering, Time Series Analysis, Anomaly Detection

Primary Focus: Data Analytics

Hire Me Because

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As a Data Scientist with a strong foundation in healthcare I can bring a unique combination of skills to any team. I am extremely adaptable and always looking for opportunities to learn new skills and grow in my professional career. I am value driven and hope I can apply my personal mission of empowering people to a company that values community and people first.

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My Capstone Project: Smart Moves: Guiding Your Way Home

We created an interactive dashboard to provide a meaningful guide for prospective movers and their families. Using data from The Economic Policy Institute, The Census Bureau, and the FBI, we acquired about 230 Metropolitan Statistical Areas. By performing unsupervised machine learning techniques, we gave families the choice of selecting what’s most important to them and better inform their decision. My individual contributions to the project were the project proposal, completing part of both the preparation and exploration stages, creating and implementing the Kanban for project timeline, and creating the interactive dashboard in Tableau.

“With technology, I am most passionate about transforming data to inform and empower the world one code cell at a time.