Fernando Villareal

Cloud Administrator

Fernando Villareal


Cloud Administrator


(909) 816-4235




Available Work Locations: Remote • San Antonio, TX

Military Veteran

Active Secret

Bachelor's Degree

Core Technologies: Cisco Switch/Route, Linux, Git/Github, Virtualization, AWS, JSON, Bash

Core Competencies: Networking, Network Security, Linux, Bash Scripting, Identity and Access Management, AWS (Compute, Storage, IAM, VPC, Database, Serverless)

Additional Skills: AWS • Crypto Currency • Customer Service • DynamoDB

Hire Me Because

I am a U.S. Army veteran with 3 years of experience leading professionals to accomplish time-sensitive tasks. As a former Paralegal noncommissioned officer, I fully understand the importance of protecting, maintaining, and assimilating information. My experience in this role honed my critical-thinking skills and attention to detail, particularly when building a case.

During my service, I consistently demonstrated passion and dedication while providing customer service to my 600 clients. I ensured their needs were met with the highest level of professionalism and satisfaction.

Complementing my military experience, I hold an undergraduate degree in music from the University of California, Berkeley. This education fostered a creative approach to problem-solving, which I successfully applied in various situations.

Furthermore, I have certifications in CompTIA Security+, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, and ITIL 4 Foundation. I have also invested hundreds of hours training in computer networking, Linux, and cloud computing with Texas’ own Codeup Cloud Administration program, right here in San Antonio. This comprehensive training, coupled with my leadership experience as a noncommissioned officer, has prepared me to excel in Information Technology and take on new challenges with confidence.

I am eager to leverage my unique blend of military leadership, critical-thinking skills, and technical expertise to contribute to innovative IT solutions. Feel free to connect with me to explore potential collaborations or discuss opportunities in this field.

My Capstone Project: Slack Attack AWS Architecture Capstone

The Slack Attack Architecture Capstone is a highly available, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure, specifically designed to implement a WordPress based website. Our Architecture ensures website resources are always available and fast regardless of sharp changes in utilization; and fault tolerant in case of natural or other disasters that would normally disrupt traditional on-premises server designs.

“With technology, I am most passionate about Information security, cyber Law, and defending our freedoms in this ever-evolving digital world.