Christopher Myers

Cloud Administrator

Chris Myers


Cloud Administrator


(813) 647-5051




Available Work Locations: Anywhere

Associate Degree

Core Technologies: Cisco Switch/Route, Linux, Git/Github, Virtualization, AWS, JSON, Bash

Core Competencies: Networking, Network Security, Linux, Bash Scripting, Identity and Access Management, AWS (Compute, Storage, IAM, VPC, Database, Serverless)

Hire Me Because

Through my tenure in the United States Navy, I made it my life’s goal to become the best sailor I could be. That meant being a great problem solver, capable of taking on any task assigned to me and delivering results. Now, In my role outside of the Navy, I’ve taken those skills and began to pursue my passion in technology.

Why should you hire me?

1: Firstly, I am a strong match for the job description. I’m a fast learner which means it will take less time for me to be trained in my role, which also means less supervision to get up and running.

2: Second, I have the qualifications and skills required for this position which makes me a great fit to be able to help your business grow.

3: Third, I am a frugal worker. By this, I mean that I will seek ways to save the company money and maximize its growth potential. I will also carry out job duties outside of work to help the company.

“With technology, I am most passionate about I like to consider myself a technophile, which is entirely why I began this journey, because I absolutely love technology and have a strong desire to be apart of the community developing and pushing our generation into the future.