Ashley Callahan

Full-Stack PHP Developer

Ashley Callahan


Full-Stack PHP Developer



Available Work Locations: San Antonio, TX

Core Technologies: PHP, Laravel, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git/GitHub

Core Competencies: Object-oriented programming, Paired programming, Version control with Git

Hire Me Because

I am motivated and inspired to create products to help people in their daily life so they can focus on what really matters to them. I also seek opportunities to bring clients’ ideas to life so they can, in turn, enrich others as well.

My Capstone Project: CodeupConnect

We are a team of Codeup graduates looking to pair a non-profit group in need of a website redesign with a Codeup graduate who can make those ideas come to life.

“With technology, I am most passionate about designing visually-appealing websites and programs that inspire users and motivate them to use products for reasons beyond just functionality and usefulness.