Antonio Bernal

Cloud Administrator

Antonio Bernal


Cloud Administrator


(210) 607-3245




Available Work Locations: San Antonio, TX

Core Technologies: Cisco Switch/Route, Linux, Git/Github, Virtualization, AWS, JSON, Bash

Core Competencies: Networking, Network Security, Linux, Bash Scripting, Identity and Access Management, AWS (Compute, Storage, IAM, VPC, Database, Serverless)

Hire Me Because

By completing this program and earning certifications, I have demonstrated that I am an adaptive learner and have achieved the personal goals I have set, so I am confident I will be able to contribute to the growth of an organization. My last project has taught me that I am a team player and can work well in unison, both of which are valuable skills in the workplace.

“With technology, I am most passionate about uraveling the mystery of how our devices interconnect someway in our day-to-day use. Finding out how "it" all works is what I'm most passionate about.