Additional Skill: Vue.js

  • Ryan Harris

    Ryan Harris

    I lead with passion and curiosity. I enjoy coding; knowing that there will never be a day I don’t learn something new, it keeps it exciting.

  • Corey Osbey

    Corey Osbey

    I can make a positive impact on your team. I like to challenge myself and I enjoy the constant learning that comes with being a web developer.

  • Benjamin Marks

    Benjamin Marks

    I’m focused on User Experience first, self driven and fast learning individual who strives to continually reach new heights. I’m constantly looking for ways to grow in all avenues of my life and strive to do the best job I can.

  • Patrick Barfield

    Patrick Barfield

  • Hector Mejia

    Hector Mejia

    of my proven ability to build efficient front-end user interfaces in line with modern best practices.

  • Alexander Tudor

    Alexander Tudor

    I have a strong desire to provide value for my employer.  I have a 16 year background in  industrial sales, which required teamwork, strong attention to detail, and performance in time critical situations.