Additional Skill: Tailwind CSS

  • Braden Ognoskie

    Braden Ognoskie

    With proficiency in HTML, CSS, SCSS/SASS, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, and React, I bring a powerful skill set to your team. I craft clean, responsive, and highly maintainable code, staying updated on the latest industry trends. My specialization in Tailwind CSS ensures consistent and efficient styling, while my expertise in React allows me to create interactive…

  • Jaylen Harris

    Jaylen Harris

    I’m passionate about learning and building applications. I fit well in a team environment and I am always willing to go above and beyond to help others.

  • Theo Graham

    Theo Graham

    I am a passionate full stack developer with a drive to build eye popping web pages and a focus on UI/UX design. Strong understanding in design best practices when creating responsive web pages. Driven to learn new technologies and create web pages that focus on user experience and design. Able to collaborate with diverse team…

  • Audrey Tan

    Audrey Tan

  • Luis Gonzalez

    Luis Gonzalez

    I am a highly skilled and motivated professional with a passion for leveraging technology to drive innovation. I bring a strong work ethic, adaptability, and a continuous learning mindset to every project. With a solid foundation in various programming languages and frameworks, I thrive in dynamic and collaborative environments. I am dedicated to delivering high-quality…

  • Nickolas Solley

    Nickolas Solley

    Hire me because I have a passion for web development and a proven track record of quickly mastering new technologies. With my strong problem-solving skills and eagerness to learn, I am confident that I can contribute to your team and help deliver high-quality projects that exceed your expectations.

  • Jason Crites

    Jason Crites

    I love working with a team and building awesome things together!

  • Andrew Neely

    Andrew Neely

    By hiring me, you’ll gain a dedicated and versatile team player with a track record of delivering exceptional results. My strong problem-solving skills and passion for the industry will enable me to make an immediate and valuable contribution to your team.

  • Justin Sixsmith

    Justin Sixsmith

    I am a highly persistent, dedicated, adaptable, and determined individual, demonstrated through my continuous learning, drive to overcome challenges, and ability to adapt to new technologies and project requirements, ensuring successful software development and delivering exceptional results.

  • Edward McCormick

    I know how to win, I know how to contribute to winning teams, and I know how to help build winning teams. Hire me because I have the experience and perspective to understand how my skills and abilities can help you, your team, and your company.