Additional Skill: Tableau

  • Wilson Velasco

    Wilson Velasco

    TS/SCI Cleared w/CI Poly Data Scientist / Natural Language Processing Specialist

  • Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia

    As a proud Coast Guard veteran with a background in aviation technology, I have developed a systematic and analytical approach to problem-solving in a mission-driven environment. Beyond my proficiency in SQL and Python, my freelance and entrepreneurial experiences delivering top-rated solutions have sharpened my communication and  project management skills, preparing me to handle the dynamic…

  • Thoai Nguyen

    Thoai Nguyen

    I am enthusiastic about advancing my professional journey as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Data Engineer, aiming to refine my existing expertise in Data and Cloud while acquiring new technical skills to generate valuable insights for prospective employers. Known for my punctuality and strong work ethic, I am eager to integrate seamlessly into new…

  • Nickolas Pedri Miranda

    Nickolas Pedri Miranda

    Hire me because I am a skilled, innovative data scientist with six years of military experience in data analysis as a weather forecaster. I have ample experience working with real-world data to create forecast models, and find patterns. Through experience, I have honed my skills in communication, teamwork and leadership. After 600+ hours of intense…

  • Emilia Mata

    Emilia Mata

    With an unwavering work ethic and a commitment to delivering excellence, I possess essential qualities such as dedication, accountability, and adaptability that would undeniably contribute to the success of any organization. I am confident that my skills and attributes position me as the ideal candidate for a role that demands a motivated and capable team…

  • Johann Williams

    Johann Williams

    I have a deep desire for problem solving, learning, and designing/implementing solutions. I have no fear of diving headfirst into a problem or situation I have never experienced before and use the skills I have acquired and developed to complete the task at hand.

  • Miatta Sinayoko

    Miatta Sinayoko

    Confident that skills and experience are invaluable and eagerly awaiting to discuss how I can contribute to your organization’s success.

  • Timothy Varjan

    Timothy Varjan

  • Benjamin Meadors

    Benjamin Meadors

  • Corey Hermesch

    Corey Hermesch

    I’m a results-driven data scientist and United States Air Force Veteran with a strong background in military leadership and operations. I’m adept at analyzing complex data sets, identifying trends, utilizing statistical analysis tools, and providing actionable insights. I’m also skilled in leading teams, setting strategic priorities, and effectively communicating findings to senior leaders. Finally, I’m…

  • Esayas Asefa

    Esayas Asefa

    Coupled with my Data Science skillset, my unique professional, and personal experiences, allow me to lend invaluable insights into the needs of organizations and individuals.

  • Rosendo Lugo

    Rosendo Lugo

    I offer unique technical skills, creative problem-solving, and strong teamwork. With a solid background in programming, I can find innovative solutions that drive business growth. My communication ability aids collaboration, while my passion for continuous learning ensures I stay current. I’m eager to bring this dedication and drive to your team.