Additional Skill: JavaScript; Java

  • Tyler O’Neal

    Tyler O’Neal

  • Keila Vargas

    Keila Vargas

    I offer a unique blend of skills and experiences that can significantly benefit any tech projects. My background in English education has nurtured my analytical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilitiesā€”traits that are invaluable in software development. I am deeply passionate about continual learning and am eager to apply this passion to crafting impactful solutions. As…

  • Kurt Suttin

    Kurt Suttin

    Full stack web developer Collaborative team player with a talent for effective communication and commitment to a strong work ethic

  • Presley Black

    Presley Black

  • Kofie Knowles

    Kofie Knowles

    Hire me because I bring a unique blend of military expertise and full-stack software development skills, making me a valuable asset to your organization. With hands-on experience in Tactical Communications Operations across Air Force Material Command and a strong IT background, I’m well-equipped to provide innovative solutions and contribute to your organization’s growth.

  • Daniel Mondragon

    Daniel Mondragon

    In the realm of coding and software development, I stand out not just for my technical acumen, but for my indefatigable spirit and unwavering commitment to any task at hand. My strength lies not only in my physical and mental resilience but also in my meticulous approach to coding. My unique blend of tenacity and…

  • Randy Hidalgo

    Randy Hidalgo

    My full stack development training has equipped me with a strong grasp of both front-end and back-end technologies. I am driven by a passion to learn, adapt and innovate, qualities I believe can bring fresh dynamics to your team. I welcome the opportunity to further discuss how I can contribute to your projects.

  • Genesis Sarabia

    Genesis Sarabia

    I have great work ethic and will always try my best to stand by my team.

  • Nickolas Solley

    Nickolas Solley

    Hire me because I have a passion for web development and a proven track record of quickly mastering new technologies. With my strong problem-solving skills and eagerness to learn, I am confident that I can contribute to your team and help deliver high-quality projects that exceed your expectations.

  • Lonnie Arellano

    Lonnie Arellano

    Hire me because I possess the technical skills, creativity, and dedication to achieve any goal possible. With a strong foundation in web development, I am committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet your unique requirements and exceed your expectations.