Additional Skill: Customer Service

  • Matthew Wood

    Matthew Wood

  • Lisa Williams

    Lisa Williams

    I am a retired Air Force veteran with over 25 years of experience in electronics, communications, and technology. I possess a unique combination of education and experience, as well as a professional attitude, and a wide variety of skills relevant to the information technology industry. My ability to perform both management and technical roles simultaneously…

  • David Elizalde

    David Elizalde

    I am a motivated person who adds energy and enthusiasm into every organization and endeavor. When taking on any work, I make sure that every box is checked and completed because I am a detail-oriented person that produces concise and consistent results.

  • Arusa Hussain

    Arusa Hussain

    I am an enthusiastic and creative developer with a versatile background encompassing e-commerce, sales, customer service, and managerial responsibilities. Proficient in multiple programming languages, adept at full-stack web development, and equipped with excellent communication and teamwork skills. This diverse skill set converges to provide a distinctive viewpoint that fuels innovation in developing customized solutions for…

  • Damian Solis

    Damian Solis

  • Nicholas Rowley

  • Kurt Suttin

    Kurt Suttin

    Full stack web developer Collaborative team player with a talent for effective communication and commitment to a strong work ethic

  • Presley Black

    Presley Black

  • Westley Peters

    Westley Peters

  • Nicholas Hubacek

    Nicholas Hubacek

    I can be an immediate asset to your team as I strive to improve my skills and the skills of others around me. With a strong work ethic, enthusiasm for learning and solving problems, and consistently positive attitude, I will quickly adapt into my role and contribute my ideas, skills, and work ethic. I am…

  • Daniel Farias

    Daniel Farias

    My expertise in web development and project management. With my technical skills and strong organizational abilities, I can create outstanding websites while effectively managing the project from start to finish. Let’s discuss how I can contribute to your organization’s success. View my resume and reach out for an interview. Additionally, I am detail-oriented and have…

  • Amir Saunders

    Amir Saunders

    I am a skilled and experienced full stack web developer ready to take your company’s digital presence to new heights. With a strong foundation in front-end and back-end development, I have successfully delivered dynamic and user-friendly websites, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices. My passion for clean code, attention to detail, and ability to…