Additional Skill: AWS

  • Matthew Wood

    Matthew Wood

  • Chris Truax

    Chris Truax

    Honorably discharged army veteran. Father of two. Passionate about learning and fine tuning my skills. Great attention to detail. Lead by example and first to take the initiative. Innovative problem solver that is experienced in high risk and demanding environments.

  • David Elizalde

    David Elizalde

    I am a motivated person who adds energy and enthusiasm into every organization and endeavor. When taking on any work, I make sure that every box is checked and completed because I am a detail-oriented person that produces concise and consistent results.

  • Lisa Williams

    Lisa Williams

    I am a retired Air Force veteran with over 25 years of experience in electronics, communications, and technology. I possess a unique combination of education and experience, as well as a professional attitude, and a wide variety of skills relevant to the information technology industry. My ability to perform both management and technical roles simultaneously…

  • Jose De La Luz

    Jose De La Luz

    <!– wp:paragraph –> Secret Clearance | Cloud Administrator | Full-Stack Web Developer <!– /wp:paragraph –>

  • Westley Peters

    Westley Peters

  • Timothy Varjan

    Timothy Varjan

  • Thoai Nguyen

    Thoai Nguyen

    I am enthusiastic about advancing my professional journey as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, or Data Engineer, aiming to refine my existing expertise in Data and Cloud while acquiring new technical skills to generate valuable insights for prospective employers. Known for my punctuality and strong work ethic, I am eager to integrate seamlessly into new…

  • Robert Mendez

    Robert Mendez

    Full-Stack Expertise: Proficient in both front-end and back-end technologies, ensuring comprehensive solutions. Growth Mindset: An unwavering commitment to continuous learning ensures I stay updated with the latest tech trends. Problem Solver: Exceptional problem-solving skills backed by strong academic training and hands-on experience. Team Player: I excel in collaborative settings, fostering open communication and team synergy.

  • Kofie Knowles

    Kofie Knowles

    Hire me because I bring a unique blend of military expertise and full-stack software development skills, making me a valuable asset to your organization. With hands-on experience in Tactical Communications Operations across Air Force Material Command and a strong IT background, I’m well-equipped to provide innovative solutions and contribute to your organization’s growth.

  • Scott Mattes

    Scott Mattes

  • Daniel Farias

    Daniel Farias

    My expertise in web development and project management. With my technical skills and strong organizational abilities, I can create outstanding websites while effectively managing the project from start to finish. Let’s discuss how I can contribute to your organization’s success. View my resume and reach out for an interview. Additionally, I am detail-oriented and have…